Burrito with beans, avocado, cream, and sauces.

You can choose the meat:

A. Steak B. Marinated Pork C. Fried Pork D. Chicken E. Head Meat

Burrito con frijol, aguacate, crema y salsas de la Casa.

Puedes escoger la carne:

A. Asada B. Al Pastor C. Carnitas D. Pollo E. Barbacoa



  • CALORIES 881.66
  • TOTAL FAT 32.70G
  • PROTEIN 40.91G


  • Choose the Meat
  • A. Steak - Asada
  • B. Marinated Pork - Al Pastor
  • C. Fried Pork - Carnitas
  • D. Chicken - Pollo
  • E. Head Meat - Barbacoa

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